Monday, March 10, 2014

Endless Game by Gengoroh Tagame

Quick Rating: B

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Blurb: Gengoroh Tagame is one of the stars of manga. His stories are among the best in this genre and until recently have only been published in Japanese. Bruno Gmunder is pleased to publish two of them in English for audiences around the globe. - Gengoroh Tagame is one of most succesful artists of bara-manga. - In May 2013, a compilation of his work was published successfully in English for the first time. - His work explores the issues of men's sexuality, domination, and submission. Trend: Adult comics.

Review: Endless Game is light on story but full of hot, raunchy sex. I felt like I was checking off a list of how many sexual scenarios, positions, and toys could be fit into the pages of one volume. Very steamy, very well drawn. 

Going from memory, here are some things that happen in the comic: rimming, double penetration, backroom sex, sex for money, multiple partners, vibrator wands, anal beads, dildos, nipple clamps... even sexy go-go boy dancing.

There was a surprising amount of colored art. Enjoyed that, and the continuity of this volume much more than The Passion, but at the pricepoint ($25-35) I can't recommend Endless Game to anyone but a diehard fan.

Very minimal complaint: I was annoyed with the way sound effects were handled.

Disclaimer: none

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